Gaming, in moderation and with appropriate controls and context, can be a great way to introduce science and

technology concepts to children and we believe that it certainly aids in developing fine motor skills, critical reasoning

and logical thinking - all strong traits required for any budding scientist!

Here you find a collection of gaming videos we have produced with our son, Oliver, for your viewing pleasure.

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Roblox - Car Obby - This Obby Seems Impossible! (Ep #1)

Join Oliver in his first attempt at a Car Obby we came across in Roblox. Can he even make it past the first level!!?

Released on 04/01/2019.

Game link:

Roblox - Car Crushers 2 - Return Of The Noob! (Ep #5)

Crushing with a Noob! Trying to earn more points for Oliver to unlock the crushers! Also see an epic core explosion fail!

Released on 01/02/2019.

Game link:

Roblox - Speed Run 4 - Levels 1-6 (Episode #1)

See my first attempt at trying to complete Roblox Speed Run 4 (well... levels 1 through 6 at least!).

Released on 25/01/2019.

Game link:

Previous Episodes

Roblox - Car Crushers 2 - Crushing With A Noob! (Episode #4) - More car crushing fun - this time with Oliver's dad (a Noob! - at least with Car Crushers 2!!). Released on 30/12/2018. Game link:

Roblox - Car Crushers 2 - More Crazy Crushing (Episode #3) - Join Oliver with his further exploits within the world of Car Crushers 2 in Roblox! Released on 24/12/2018. Game link:

Roblox - Car Crushers 2 - Further Adventures (Episode #2) - Join Oliver as he continues his journey within the world of Car Crushers 2 in Roblox! Released on 16/12/2018. Game link:

Roblox - Car Crushers 2 - Crushing Fun (Episode #1) - Join Oliver as he explores the world of Car Crushers 2 in Roblox! Released on 10/12/2018. Game link:

Roblox - Robot Factory Tycoon: Join us as we play Robot Factory Tycoon in Roblox. Full walkthrough gameplay in video - all features unlocked (bar those requiring robux). Released on 19/11/2018. Game link: